Renewable energy company OPUS Green has started the ‘Green Revolution’ to help get out-of-work tradesmen back into full-time employment as part of the Government’s upcoming Green Deal. Working in collaboration with OPUS Building Services, the company has recruited tradesmen who have found themselves out of work due to the recession.

Based in the North East OPUS Green offers bespoke renewable energy solutions and installation to householders, businesses and local authorities who are looking to reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Chris Cassells, OPUS Green Managing Director said, “The North East is well known for its industrial background and we are constantly reminded of the decline of the industrial giants such as mining, shipbuilding and more recently the closure of the steelworks in Redcar. However, beneath the headlines what is sometimes forgotten is that we have a high population of skilled hardworking tradesman in the North East with a desire to get back to work.”

Gavin Richardson, OPUS Green’s Co-Founder and Managing Director said, “OPUS Green and OPUS Building services are combining their efforts to ensure we meet all of our clients’ requirements. We feel that with minimal re-training unemployed tradesman and existing OPUS operatives can become specialist renewable installers.  

We want to encourage businesses to go green, as not only will they be saving money and the environment but they will be reducing their carbon footprint. This new venture aims to increase our specialist services whilst increasing employment in the region.”