Solar PV provider Upsolar has collaborated with installer Photon Energy to construct a 309kWp rooftop array in Basildon, Essex.

The system has been installed on the roof of a newly constructed mechanical and biological treatment plant which processes municipal waste as part of the Essex Waste Partnership project.

The array features a total of 1,230 Upsolar modules as well as eight Power-One inverters and is expected to generate around 10% of the facility’s total electricity demand.

Martin Priest, UK national sales manager at Upsolar, said the project showcased solar’s ability to “benefit an entire community”.

“The municipal solar market is ripe with opportunity in the UK, and we’re seeing an increased interest in the economic and environmental advantages of solar power for public properties,” Priest added.

The waste plant has been launched by 13 local government agencies in the country to develop cost-efficient and sustainable waste management practices.