US module provider Upsolar has made its smart modules powered by Tigo Energy technology available to the UK market through its distribution partner Ecolution Renewables.

The smart modules incorporate Tigo Energy’s optimisers, which are integrated into the junction boxes of Upsolar modules during the manufacturing process in order to enhance the flexibility of system design, ease the installation process and reduce balance of systems costs.

According to Upsolar, these benefits are made possible by utilising patented impedance matching technology to maximise the harvesting of power at the module level.

PV systems featuring these smart modules are also equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing customers to access and analyse performance data at the module level through Tigo Energy’s module-level monitoring software and mobile application.

“Upsolar is known for its meticulous attention to product quality and customer service—characteristics we hold in high esteem for both our partners and ourselves,” said Richard Jenkins, Managing Director for Ecolution Renewables. “We’re proud to offer our customers Upsolar’s full product suite, including smart modules, as we strive to make solar power available to all.”