Valentin Software will launch a new version of its solar planning installation software program PV*SOL next month.

The updated version boasts additional features and is said to make the design of PV plants “easier and more efficient” than the last model.

Steffen Lindemann, Software’s managing director at Valentin said, “The combination of PV, storage and battery systems increases the complexity of a PV system. With the new energy flow diagram, the customer can be clearly shown from where each individual kWh in the PV system comes and where it goes.”

New additions include added functionalities to improve and increase design process flexibility, allowing for improved detailed configuration and simulation of the PV system.

Different models in a string can also now be connected and there is a new polystring configuration that allows different strings to be connected parallel or in a series to an MPP tracker.

Models with different orientation can also be connected in one string via the integration of power optimisers.

Other additions include an energy flow diagram to represent the overall system and the output of the I-V characteristics for each time step of the simulation.

Berlin-based company Valentin Software update the PV*SOL planning software annually.