Sundog Energy has overcome English Heritage requirements and significant wind loading challenges in order to complete a 143.3kWp solar installation on a Victorian cotton mill in Oldham.

The project, which is one of the first of its kind in the UK, hopes to transform the 1908 Devon Mill into an energy efficient structure. Owner Baum Trading is now one of the biggest designers, importers and distributors of clothing and fashion accessories in the UK.

Bill Roberts, Managing Director of Sundog Energy, said: “This highly-successful installation proves the viability of solar energy for historic commercial buildings with the roof space. An installation of this type gives payback in eight years or less. The solar PV system will last for decades. It’s been built to last, with future generations in mind – like the mill itself.”

He added: “There are many businesses using these magnificent old mill buildings, and it goes without saying that they should consider solar energy.”

Peter Weidenbaum of Baum Trading said: “I was delighted to see the meter running backwards when we first turned the system on. Our Victorian forebears would have admired it – we are keeping the business competitive as well as helping to protect the environment. To me, it makes perfect sense for other businesses to capitalise on their grand Victorian roof-space in this way.”

Devon Mill’s solar installation will also be developed into a demonstration centre for potential customers.