Module manufacturer REC Solar expects the UK to ride out the current storm created by potential changes to the renewable obligation (RO) and become a “stable, growing” market for the next ten years.

Speaking to Solar Power Portal, Luc Graré, senior VP sales and marketing at REC Solar, said that although proposed changes were unexpected, they wouldn’t impact the UK solar industry’s longer term future.

“The recent announcement of the changes to ROC regime, I think that caught many by surprise although there is still some lead time to get things built in the pipeline,” Graré said during the Intersolar Europe event in Munich. “We expect a rush in the UK in the fourth quarter of this year.

“The UK has a strong investment reputation. The UK government will do everything to protect that image. That’s a good starting point. The proportion of PV generation is still very small. In order to meet the EU 2030 targets the UK still has a long way to go. Even after the current changes they will put a lot of things in place to reach these targets. We see the UK as a stable, growing, predictable market for the next ten years,” said Graré.

Luc Graré was speaking with SPP’s Andy Colthorpe.