We all know the clean energy industry has drastically changed and the ride isn’t over yet, as the sector continues to change at a pace. Whilst the end of the FiT gold rush saw the number of installers fall the industry that has emerged is a slimmed down, stronger and more experienced one.  

Natural Generation has sailed a steady ship and, in fact, grown during these turbulent times. The company continues to move forward, retaining its flexibility and its ability to deliver a top class service has resulted in a very stable company with long term contracts supporting its development into new markets. We’re here for the long run and ethically bound to the renewable energy sector.

Installers and service providers, like Natural Generation, find themselves right at the coal face, dealing with continuous legislation changes, hugely competitive pricing from companies trying to survive, investors, commercial and domestic consumers, but it’s a good place to be.

The company has a team of excellent and experienced in-house designers, electricians, plumbers and a very busy O&M division providing a continuous preventative maintenance and optimisation programme as well as providing 24/7 breakdown cover. In some cases Natural Generation’s team have increased generation by more than 20% on solar installs through maintenance and remedial works and retro-fitting optimisers, so it’s worth giving them a call if you’re looking for optimisation support.

Based in Cornwall but with operations across the UK, Natural Generation design and  install most renewable technologies and run a sizeable O&M division predominantly specialising in wind turbines and solar farms. They currently look after over 200 wind turbines and 120 MW of renewable energy across the UK, and have teams placed strategically at locations including Bristol, Wales and Scotland. These teams are ready to react to large scale turbine or solar maintenance issues and routine checks. They’re also used to being called out to breakdowns, or carry out remedial works on installations that haven’t been designed or installed correctly.

Natural Generation has been designing, installing and maintaining renewable energy systems for over 10 years. The company offers all mainstream systems including, wind turbines, solar PV, battery storage for domestic and commercial customers, heat pumps, solar thermal and biomass installations. Natural Generation have installed hundreds of wind turbines and built a substantial number of solar farms as well as large numbers of mid-size roof and ground mounted commercial solar arrays – we also specialise in off–grid energy systems and have designed and installed these both in the UK and internationally.

 “We are frequently getting calls from companies where we have been recommended to provide help and support for their systems. We can help with routine maintenance or carry out remedial works on systems that could have been installed or designed better, to maximise generation and efficiency of plant. Our investment in reporting software allows client reporting on a same day basis and all works are backed up with pictorial evidence, we have developed a reputation for going the extra mile to help our clients, we represent excellent value in operating and maintaining client investments.” Graeme Buck, Head of Sales & Marketing


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