Viridian Solar has published wind loading calculations for its Clearline range of solar modules today.

The new calculations are available to all partnered solar installers and will allow them to check the uplift forces at all locations in the UK. Stuart Elmes, CEO of Viridian, explained why the calculations are important: “Through Building Regulations, it has always been the responsibility of a solar installer to ensure that the products they install have sufficient resistance to survive the wind loading, but the MCS installer standards for solar PV and solar thermal are now making this responsibility more explicit than ever before.

“Our new wind loading calculators are based on Eurocode 1 and make it really simple for installers to demonstrate that they have considered this important issue. This area is a minefield, as there are products out there that are simply not suitable for the wind speeds in many UK locations or for UK construction norms. An installer could buy a product in good faith, only to find that the small print in the installation manual says it only works with 35mm thick roof battens.”

In support of the new wind loading calculators, the company has also published a briefing for solar installers which details how to comply with the regulations on wind resistance. Installers can access the new wind calculations here