Persimmon Homes will roll out Viridian Solar’s Clearline Fusion roof integrated system until the end of 2019. Image: Viridian Solar.

Viridian Solar has signed a two year national supply deal with Persimmon Homes, one of the largest housing developers in the country, which will install the company’s roof integrated system on homes until the end of 2019.

Persimmon operates nationally with 29 regional offices and completed the sale of 15,000 homes in 2016. The exclusive deal means the developer will use the Viridian’s Clearline Fusion solution, with Viridian estimating that Persimmon will install around 2MWp a year of solar PV on their homes.

Stuart Elmes, chief executive of Viridian Solar, told Solar Power Portal these installs would be led by the varying planning requirements of the UK’s various regions.

“In Scotland most new homes built under the 2015 regulations now come with solar. In England and Wales, where building regulations are less strict on energy efficiency, it's still predominantly driven by Local Authorities using their planning powers – for example the Zero Carbon Homes policy in London,” he said.

According to Jamie Bursnell, group technical adviser at Persimmon Homes, the Clearline Fusion system was selected for a variety of reasons, not least the “excellent aesthetics” of the roof integrated system.

“After a thorough assessment of all the options for solar PV, we decided that the Clearline Fusion system from Viridian Solar offered us the best combination of quality, value and excellent aesthetics,” he said.

“Its high wind resistance, achieved without modification to the roof structure, gives us confidence to install across the UK while the proprietary fixing kits will help us ensure durable, safe and compliant installations every time.”

Stuart Elmes, chief executive of Viridian Solar, added: “We're delighted that Persimmon has opted for our high-quality roof-integrated solar system for their homes. The new fixing requirements for tiles and slates, coupled with a drive towards better looking, next-generation solar means that more and more housing developers are choosing in-roof solar.”