Viridian Solar has launched its new Clearline Fusion solar roofing system ahead of next week’s Solar Energy UK exhibition.

The Clearline Fusion system allows for Viridian’s Clearline PV16 modules to be integrated into a house’s roofing for a cleaner installation.

Stuart Elmes, chief executive at Viridian Solar, said the feedback it has received for the system from installers has been “absolutely superb”.

“People really liked the way the system automatically sets consistent panel spacing and that it achieves exceptional wind resistance and fire rating without the need to add materials into the roof. Installers new to the system were achieving install times as low as 30 minutes per kilowatt-peak.

“As solar makes the transition from being a subsidy-driven investment opportunity to being seen more as a home improvement, we believe that products that maintain the kerb-appeal of the property are going to become more and more important. Roof integration is no longer just for new homes, it’s ready for the mass market,” Elmes added.