Solar partnership to help new builds comply with building regulations. Image: Legal & General Modular Homes.

Solar manufacturer Viridian Solar has signed a deal with Legal & General Modular Homes to see buildings exclusively use clearline fusion roof integrated solar until 2025.

Integrating solar technologies into new housing developments can help reduce the carbon intensity of residential buildings in the UK and comply with new regulations which will see more solar used on new homes.

Legal & General Modular Homes was established to tackle the ongoing housing crisis in the UK and is a manufacturer of individual modulur housing units that can then be used to create homes.

Legal & General stated that all its homes have an energy efficiency rating of A with the firm having a commitment in ensuring all of its homes are net zero from 2030. The partnership with Viridian Solar will help maintain this target and reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.

“We have been installing clearline fusion on our homes for a number of years and it is of the highest quality and aesthetics, and the ease of use means it is the perfect roof integrated solar PV solution for us. With our commitment to net zero homes by 2030 we are pleased to be working with Viridian Solar to sustain our commitment to renewable energy supply,” said Victoria Ongley-Knight, business development manager at Legal & General Modular Homes.

Viridian Solar has signed similar deals to enable a range of companies to comply with new building regulations which requires new homes to reduce carbon emissions by 30%.

A recently signed partnership with EO Charging saw the two companies combine their solutions to optimise homes in accordance with these regulations. Through the agreement, Viridian Solar will provide energy to British households in addition to the energy required to charge EVs.

Similarly, Viridian Solar partnered with Avant Homes to utilise clearline fusion technology as an exclusive solar product until 2024 in many of the housing developers’ new homes. Viridian also extended its partnership with housebuilder Bellway and with Persimmon Homes, and partnered with Beech Developments and Newland Homes, among others in 2022.

“Since we launched clearline fusion in 2015 we have signed supply agreements with many well-known house builders. To announce Legal & General Modular Homes as the first modular home builder to join the FusionFamily is something special,” said Jamie Berryman, chief sales officer at Viridian Solar.

“Having spent time in the factory and seen how these homes are built and the quality of workmanship, I was very impressed and am excited to see clearline fusion being exclusively installed by Legal & General going forward. We thank Legal & General Modular for placing its trust in us and we look forward to working together for many years to come.”

Viridian Solar was acquired by roofing manufacturer Marley in April 2021, having initially started working with the company as a partnership in 2020. This has given it the “financial firepower” for further expansion, Viridian Solar CEO Stuart Elmes told Solar Power Portal at the time, including eyeing a number of further international markets including the Netherlands.