Renewable distributor, Wagner Renewables has announced that it will begin stocking JA Solar and Tigo Energy’s optimised smart module.

The modules use Tigo’s technology in the junction box that JA claims will boost conversion efficiency, monitoring and enable 30% longer strings to be used. The module-level optimisation is claimed to function even with shading and allows for individual panel monitoring.

Mark Osborne, Wagner Renewables’ managing director explained how the collaboration came about. He said: “We identified a need in the UK market at the beginning of the year and, after further research with our current customer base, it seemed prudent to introduce a product that ticked all the boxes.”

JA Solar has confirmed that its JA250W black mono smart modules will be rolled out with inbuilt Tigo optimisers from May 2015.

Commenting on the new deal, Alastair Mounsey from JA Solar said: “Importantly for rooftop systems module embedded technology allows higher energy gains through increased output especially where shade would have otherwise reduced the viable amount of PV able to be installed.”

Wagner renewables is currently accepting pre-orders for the new smart modules.