Wagner Solar is bringing its new TRIC F box, to the UK market. The TRIC is an extremely low ballast flat roof racking system that is suitable for all types of industrial flat roofs.

Christof Biba, Head of PV Sales at Wagner explained: “We have been closely watching developments in the UK market and we see an increasing shift towards commercial installations over the coming months.

“With this in mind, we have developed the TRIC F box specifically with countries like the UK in mind, where we see this time and money saving product becoming a vital part of installers’ daily lives.”

Wagner’s TRIC F box has been designed so that it can be installed with just two tools, dramatically reducing installation time and the product’s lightweight means the ballast required is also smaller. Wagner estimates that the minimum ballast could be as low as 5kg per module.

“From the outset, our TRIC racking systems have been designed and developed with the installers needs in mind – this has been characterised by the pre-assembled components which speed up installation and make them easy to handle. Our TRIC F box continues in this direction,” commented Jan Stasik, Technical Manager at Wagner Solar UK Ltd.

Wagner will be offering two variants of the TRIC F box, for both south-facing orientations and east/ west-facing. The design of the mounting system means that all modules are installed vertically and, due to an angle of 10°, Wagner estimates that the useable roof area can be increased by a minimum of 65 percent and a maximum of 95 percent depending on orientation.

The new TRIC F box will join the rest of Wagner’s TRIC racking range in carrying a 10 year product warranty as standard.