Earthwise Products, the UK-based manufacturer of the SOLiC 200, has announced that it will be partnering with Wagner Solar UK Ltd, who will begin to stock the immersion controller.  

Commenting on the partnership, Mark Osborne, Managing Director at Wagner Solar UK, said: “The SOLiC 200 has a remarkably low energy threshold allowing more power to be fed into the immersion switch. At Wagner Solar, we place a high value on optimising the system performance and the SOLiC 200 has features that fit our philosophy. We are seeing a lot of success with these added value products as installers have the opportunity to revisit their customer base and we expect this product will do very well.”

Iain McRitchie, Managing Director of Earthwise Products, added: “Wagner Solar has a wealth of experience in the renewables market and appreciates the SOLiC 200 as a high-quality product that complements their core values. As it provides free hot water for both new and existing photovoltaic installations, so maximising solar investments. We’re excited to be working with Wagner Solar on this project and becoming part of their pioneering approach to the industry”.