Wagner Solar UK has revealed plans to set up a solar thermal space heating division in the UK. Headed up by Dan Oliver, who was a member of Wagner Solar’s PV sales team, the division will offer the same quality service but for solar thermal products.

The Wagner Solar thermal space heating division will offer various product options ranging from a single collector plate to a complete package including a dual coil solar cylinder. As part of the launch, the company will introduce the Wagner & Co flat plate thermal collector, which is manufactured in Germany.

Oliver said, “We very much intend to follow the same philosophy as the PV division and continue to offer our specifying service also for our thermal products. Installers of collector plates must consider the same basic principles as PV installers, such as consideration for the roof age and material as well as the frequency and intensity of extreme wind and snow, for assurance that the system is mounted with no danger to the surrounding area.”

“Solar heating is still an emerging industry in the UK, so we intend to apply our knowledge and help installers with the pre-installation calculations, so they can concentrate on the most important thing, which is getting the installation right,” he continued.

Wagner Solar UK has also recently launched a solar training school to provide product and installation trainingfor MCS registered installers.