Wagner Solar UK has penned a distribution deal with the European solar manufacturer Voltec Solar.

The deal reflects the market's current appetite for EU-manufactured solar panels due to the current uncertainty created by the threat of retroactive duties on all Chinese solar products imported into Europe as part of the European Commission’s ongoing anti-dumping and illegal subsidy investigations.

Co-founder and senior vice president of Voltec Solar, Markus Schaefer, explained: “As we are now approaching a PV market in Europe which will be based on fair competition prices we are convinced that our substantial added value in high power PV panels, superior kWh/kWp output over the years and aesthetic perfection combined with the excellent penetration of the UK market by Wagner Solar with its fine service will be appreciated by installers and homeowners alike”.

Commenting on the deal, Wagner Solar’s managing director, Mark Osborne, said: “Our decision to promote Voltec Solar follows months of internal testing and analysis.”

He added: “Many PV manufacturers are in a severe financial state and their long-term survival is in doubt. We have spent many months examining different companies and one of the reasons for us to choose Voltec Solar is their proficiency and history in manufacturing which spans more than 20 years of tradition. Furthermore, the company is backed by the world leading reinsurer Munich:Re which provides a high level of credibility to their 20 year product workmanship guarantee and unbeatable assurance for homeowners in the UK.”