Kent-based security company, Green Gate Access Systems, has installed the UK’s first solar-powered parking barriers at Warwick Hospital.

The system has been employed on a 350-space car park for auxiliary nurses and key workers. The company calculated that the solar PV array needed to power the car-park barriers up to 300 times per day for each barrier, including the winter.

As a result, Green Gate Access Systems installed solar modules to each barrier in addition to an integrated encoder safety device, underground induction sensor and infrared beam, to ensure they do not come down on people or vehicles.

Commenting on the completion of the project, Green Gate Access Systems’ Neil Sampson said: “We are particularly pleased that the outcome of this project has been as successful as it has. With around 600 vehicles per day entering the car park, the solar barriers mean there is zero running costs and zero carbon foot-print for the entire security system.

“It’s been more than 12 months since the installation and this equipment has seen two winters through without a single breakdown or power down – a testament to the ability of solar power to deliver results – even in cloudy Britain!”

The solar-powered parking barriers are not the only thing at Warwick Hospital powered by solar. Local energy co-operative Community Energy Warwickshire combined with Eco2Solar to install a 50kWp solar array on Warwick Hospital itself.

The system on Warwick Hospital comprises 204 solar modules, producing more than 40,000kWh. All the electricity produced from the solar panels will be consumed on site, dramatically reducing the hospital’s utility costs and carbon footprint.