Warwick Independent School’s new sports centre extension will now be home to a renewable energy power plant, thanks to a solar PV installation by Williams Renewables Ltd.

The roof-mounted array will help the school generate clean, green electricity – reducing the school’s carbon footprint, reliance on fossil fuels, electricity consumption and utility bills whilst simultaneously boosting climate change awareness amongst pupils.

To help students understand the capabilities of solar technology, Williams Renewables is installing a monitor in the main school building which will display in real time the amount of electricity being generated and the level of carbon dioxide saved to date. Historical data from the system will be stored online and teachers will be able to access the data to help form lessons on climate change and renewables.

Nic Sidebottom, Head of Sales and Marketing with Williams Renewables, said: “We are very proud to have Warwick School as one of our clients. It is a very prestigious project for us”.

Warwick Independent School’s Estates Manager Lee Hartigan commented, “We are planning to be best in class within the UK Independent School sector with our renewables and sustainability planning and this is just another step towards achieving our goal. Nic Sidebottom of Williams Renewables has helped us plan this over the last year and it is great that we can now begin to move forward”


Warwick School’s Headmaster, Edward Halse, said: “This project makes a clear statement regarding our community's commitment to raising awareness about the importance of sustainability and shows foresight with regard to renewable resources and environmental stewardship. Schools have a vital role to play in educating the next generation about climate change and using this renewable energy technology to power our own premises will help us to really bring that message home to our pupils, parents and staff.”