A Warwickshire village has become a solar hotspot after midlands-based Eco2Solar installed 20 solar systems on residents’ households in Snitterfield.

The residents of Snitterfield formed the Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change (SACC), supported by the West Midlands Energy Savings Trust, in order to help residents reduce their environmental impact by installing renewable energy solutions.

Members of the SACC were able to enjoy significant savings by purchasing their solar installations as a group. The discount applied for the bulk purchase of systems has provided those members with solar installations significant savings, both in reduced energy and in income generated under the feed-in tariff scheme.

“This scheme has been extremely successful for the village,” said Vikki Parker, representing the Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change Group.

“The deal we were able to negotiate with Eco2Solar has been second to none. The price has been extremely competitive, with the added bonus of a free 2kWp system on a community building for every 10 domestic installations.”

The 20th system installed in Snitterfield was completed in late November, meaning that all 20 systems will be eligible for the previous 43.3p/kWh rate over the lifetime of the tariff (25 years). The completion of the 20th installation brings the total amount of renewable energy installed in Snitterfield to over 35,000kWh per annum, which is the equivalent of 19 tonnes of carbon savings per year.

Managing Director of Eco2Solar Paul Hutchens explained: “This is an excellent example of the Big Society in action. The Snitterfield homeowners have taken advantage of a fantastic opportunity to make a great tax-free return on their money as well as doing something positive for the environment.”

Eco2Solar have already put together an offering for the new 21p/kWh FiT rate proposed by the Government in a recent review of solar subsidies. The new offering will provide an average 10 percent return on investment for new purchasers, alongside an average 10 year payback period (based on a 4kWp, south facing, 30° solar PV installation).