Wattstor, which makes its own battery-based domestic and commercial energy storage systems for the UK, is offering free training sessions for installers around the country, starting this week.

The company, which has a background in both renewables including solar and in ecobuilding tech, sells products including the Wattstor 5/6, a battery-based energy storage system designed to maximise self-consumption of PV power with the average 3.8kW size of UK domestic PV systems in mind. According to a recent case study produced by Wattstor, a UK household with a 3.78kWp PV system reduced its grid demand by nearly 60% over a six month period. When deployed alongside a range of complementary technologies including energy efficiency measures, the household’s demand for power from the grid dropped by almost 90%.

Wattstor's storage system works in conjunction with the Wattstor IMP (Intelligent Management of Power), which provides smart switching and export limitation. The IMP turns on equipment whenever electricity is free or inexpensive and reduces the export of electricity back to the grid — guiding surplus power into necessary equipment such as refrigeration or heating before directing it into battery pack energy storage that will be used on site. The company recently also claimed a UK first for the deployment of a 'saltwater' electrolyte energy storage battery at a commercial premises in Northern Ireland.

The company's forthcoming installer training sessions include a focus on sales and surveying, in addition to going through the technical process of installation.

The Cornwall-headquartered renewable energy, energy storage and energy management firm will start off with a date in its hometown, this Thursday, 7 January before going to Reading (Best Western Calcot Hotel, 18 January), Leeds (Bizspace, 21 January), Nottingham (Holiday Inn, 22 January), Walsall (Baron’s Court Hotel, 28 January) and Bristol (Flafield Gables Hotel, 29 January). For more information, call 0845 5240221, email [email protected] or visit www.wattstor.com.