Waverley council has signed a deal with Savills Solar for the roll out of solar power across the borough’s social housing sector. A total of 3,000 homes will be checked by Savills for suitability for the scheme, which will see residents benefit from free renewable electricity.

Savills Solar will fund the equipment and installation for the project, and will benefit from the feed-in tariff payments in return.

Cllr Keith Webster, Waverley’s councillor responsible for housing said, “I welcome this agreement with a highly reputable company like Savills Solar. It takes us one more step along our strategy to help our tenants with ever increasing fuel prices. That is, first, providing good insulation, next, completion of our double glazing programme, now, solar panels for those with suitable roofs and then replacing old inefficient boilers with condensing boilers.”

Cllr Bryn Morgan added, “This project is an important aspect of our aim to improve Waverley’s carbon footprint and I’m very grateful to Savills Solar for their support – it simply wouldn’t happen without them. The income Waverley receives from them for renting out the roof space will be re-invested for other energy saving projects, in particular for those tenants not benefiting from this initiative.”

Waverley and Savills Solar will now hold workshops to help residents understand more about solar power, how it works, and how it will benefit them.

“Savills Solar and Waverley staff will be at the workshops to answer any questions tenants may have and there will be information about energy saving tips too so I do hope tenants come along,” said Cllr Webster.

Savills Solar also recently entered into collaboration with Solarcentury to provide advice on solar photovoltaic systems as part of the property firm's Corporate Real Estate advisory offer. The combined solar solutions service, which will provide energy security from green resource as well as a return on capital invested, will include financial analysis, design, planning, installation, project management and ongoing support.