Waxman Energy is to stock new PV mounting systems from Valk Solar Systems under the terms of a newly-arranged partnership.

Mounting system manufacturer Valk has enlisted distributor Waxman Energy to offer its range of products to UK installers, including the ValkPitched, ValkTrap, ValkFlat and ValkPro+ mounting systems.

ValkPitched has been designed specifically for use on pitched roofs in residential and commercial projects, whereas the trapezoidal ValkTrap frame comes with pre-punched holes for quick and easy assembly.

The ValkPro+ and ValkFlat systems have been designed for use on flat roofs and come available in south or east-west configurations.

Waxman is to also offer installers access to the online ValkPVplanner, a free planning tool which helps contractors calculate the required amount of materials for a particular job as well as specific ballast recommendations.

Mark Powell, sales director at Waxman Energy, said it was “essential” that the company diversified its product range to take advantage of a “resurgence” in the UK PV industry.