Renewable distributor, Waxman Energy, has penned a UK distribution agreement with Chinese module manufacturer, Trina Solar.   

The agreement marks the end of a prolonged research period by Waxman Energy. The company’s chairman, Richard Waxman, explained: “We spent at least four to five months doing our homework. Trina Solar’s record as a module supplier and partner for numerous large-scale installation projects was what really swung it for us when it came to selecting a manufacturer to work with. The regular screening, regulation and approval by banks and other investors that the company has to go through in order to operate successfully in this sector convinced us that we would be sourcing modules from a supplier that is very much here to stay in the market.”

Waxman also noted that the Chinese solar giant’s commitment to the UK market served as an important deciding factor, stating: “Unlike a lot of major manufacturers, Trina Solar has an excellent team on the ground in the UK. The professional support we received throughout the evaluation process and Trina Solar’s strategy of looking for a long-term customer relationship, gave us the confidence to become a distribution partner. It is very encouraging to see one of the world’s largest manufacturers making such a significant commitment to the UK market.”

Commenting on the partnership, Trina Solar’s UK sales manager, Richard Rushin, said: “We are obviously proud to have been selected as a partner by Waxman Energy, particularly given the stringent nature of their evaluation process and their standing in the UK distribution industry. The UK is a hugely significant market for us and it is very satisfying to see our long-standing commitment to supporting the distributor and installer community recognised like this. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Waxman Energy.”

Waxman Energy will stock Trina Solar’s 250Wp PC05A range of Honey modules.