In response to the UK Government’s recent decision to launch a fast-track feed-in tariff review, We Support Solar has composed an open letter to send to Energy Secretary Chris Huhne. The letter urges Huhne to act quickly to repair the damage done to the fledgling UK PV sector by his Commons Written Statement and press release sent out on February 7th.

The letter outlines how, “The shock decision to launch a ‘fast-track’ review for all PV down to the size of small community and business installations has caused chaos in key parts of the sector,” and has “halted investment in many projects over 50kW,” risking thousands of industry jobs and threatening tens of millions of pounds of investment.

By forming a strong collective response, We Support Solar is adding to the pressure on the DECC to reverse its shock 50kWp decision and to acknowledge its failure to publish the promised deployment “trigger” before the announcement of the review.

Several NGOs and other We Support Solar supporters including Friends of the Earth, Federation of Roofing Contractors, National Farmers Union, Federation of Master Builders and Co-operatives UK have already confirmed their support for the letter, which is expected to be sent to the DECC later today.

To read the letter in full click here.