Sudbury Primary School in Wembley has had solar PV panels fitted as part of a £3 million extension and refurbishment scheme. The proposed works were required by planning to meet a BREEAM rating of ‘excellent’, as a result Myriad MEG were approached to design and install a bespoke solar PV system.

Myriad’s solution consisted of mounting 104 solar modules on the south facing pitched roof of the school’s circular building set at approximately 7 degrees to achieve the required output.  The PV panels had to be secured on a secondary aluminium support frame bolted to primary support posts provided by a steel frame contractor.

Myriad estimates that the solar array will produce in excess of 18,000kWh per year, offsetting 9.7 tonnes of carbon every year. As the system was installed on the school’s premises the project had to completed within a very short time frame before term started again.

As part of the ambitious refurbishment programme, the school also incorporated a number of water and energy saving measures and an air source heat pump.