A major water treatment plant at Sutton Bingham is being partially powered by solar, after a 50kWp solar array was installed by Bristol-based PV installer, Your Power.

Wessex Water’s Sutton Bingham site is an extremely high energy user as the site is running 24/7 throughout the year. As a result, the company has committed to cutting carbon emissions.

“Sutton Bingham is an ideal site for installing solar PV panels,” explained Julia Clarke, energy generation analyst at Wessex Water. “The roof is south facing with no obstructions, allowing us to generate the maximum level of electricity without having an impact on the local surroundings.”

The solar install was completed by Your Power in four days, only causing seven days disruption to Wessex Water’s operations. The Bristol installer estimates that the 50kWp solar system will be payback within five years.

Nick Spicer, operations director at Your Power, added: “We’re delighted with the efficiency of the install. We conducted a number of site scoping studies before we began the practical install, making sure we thoroughly understood the dynamics of Sutton Bingham – both geographically and operationally – to make Wessex Water’s regular operations were impacted as little as possible.”