A Kilmacolm farmer has converted from horse power to solar power by installing a 40-panel solar installation at West Glen Farm.

Installed by Absolute Solar and Wind in just three days, the solar system will help to reduce the farm’s carbon emissions as well as its energy bills.

The farm’s owner, Captain Jim Anderson, who is also a director of the Clydesdale Horse Society and an active horse breeder, said: “I had been contemplating renewable energy sources for quite some time and decided to go ahead with solar as it was going to be a quicker and simpler process than having a wind turbine installed.

“One Clydesdale has a horsepower of about 750 watts, whereas my solar panel system is a 10 kilowatt installation – equivalent, at maximum output, to about 13 Clydesdales,” he continued.

Mark Newall, Managing Director of Glasgow based Absolute, said: “The West Glen Farm project was a great one to work on and shows the forward-thinking nature of Capt. Anderson.

“Working farms tend to use a lot of energy and we are seeing more and more enquiries of this nature coming in. In Capt. Anderson’s case, renewable energy will not only bring benefits for the farm, but through the Government’s feed-in tariff will also supplement his income – although I’m sure it will never overtake his love of horsepower.”