West Kirby Residential School is hoping to teach its pupils a lesson on the power of renewables after solar panels were fitted on the school’s roof by Williams Renewables.

The solar installation will provide the school with its own carbon-free electricity, helping shrink its carbon footprint as well as utility bills. However, the centre piece of the installation will be a monitor screen placed prominently in the school building which will show in real time how much electricity is being generated.

In addition, teachers and students will be able to access detailed energy data provided by the solar array along with educational materials that teachers can download for use in the classroom.

Nic Sidebottom of Williams Renewables said: “As we specialise in working with schools to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions, we are very proud to have West Kirby Residential School as one of our clients. It is a very prestigious project for us.”

Marilyn Josey, Head of Support Services at the School said: “We are looking towards a better future for the whole school community; our pupils are very keen on becoming a sustainable school. Renewable energy is our most ambitious project so far and will have the greatest impact.”

The 25kWp system consists of over a hundred solar modules connected with three inverters and is expected to provide the school significant savings on its electricity bill in addition to an income earned through the feed-in tariff scheme.