Given recent policy upheaval, it’s of little secret that a number of UK-based solar developers are exploring the potential for international markets.

As subsidies are withdrawn and domestic ground-mount opportunities dry up, established companies with the means to have pitched up elsewhere. In recent weeks the likes of Lightsource, Hive Energy, Island Green Power and others have all announced moves into foreign markets.

And other companies are expected to follow suit as demand for British expertise, both in ground-mount and rooftop solar, increases.

It also builds on a UK Trade & Investment directive backing the export of UK-developed expertise. The department has had a hand in a number of solar developers striking overseas deals, with representatives across the continents.

We’ll be tackling this in the next issue of Solar Business Focus UK, to be published in early February, uncovering where the demand for UK solar expertise is and how’s best to break into such markets. However we also have several upcoming opportunities that can help you do business with different target markets.

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