Wilmington Parish Council has embraced green technology after commissioning a solar PV array at Oakfield Park Pavilion. The council partnered with Dartford-based Evenis to design and install the PV system.

The 52 solar modules are expected to provide annual energy savings of £858 and a FiT income of £3,378. Over 25 years the total benefit to the council of the system is estimated to be £143,691.

The 10kWp system will not only provide financial benefit, but also help the environment, stopping 5.3 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted a year.

The pavilion is also fitted with a charging point in order to power the electric patrol car donated by Evenis last year. The carbon neutral car is the first zero-emission vehicle to be deployed by the Kent Police.

Councillor Derek Hunnisett, Chairman of Wilmington Parish Council, said there were three main reasons for installing solar PV at the pavilion:

“The system will help the council to save money, which will therefore provide savings to the residents of Wilmington. Money saved on electricity bills can be used to pay for community activities or help to keep our council precept rates down.

“The solar PV system also goes some way to safeguard against the ongoing energy price concerns and helps with the council’s green policy. Lastly, a powerpoint at the pavilion can now be used by police to charge their electric-powered, carbon neutral patrol car. As key partners of ours this was a major benefit of the cost-saving technology to us.”

Gary Mayatt, Managing Director at Enevis, said: “We are pleased Wilmington Parish Council decided to invest in solar PV, a system that will deliver Government guaranteed savings for 25 years.

Mayatt concluded: “With the right technology and advice, solar PV remains an attractive renewables proposition for councils, businesses and private residents alike.”