Taiwanese solar module manufacturer, Win Win Precision Technology Co Ltd, has developed a new WINAICO WST-series of solar modules.

According to the manufacturer, the European Commission’s dispute with China and subsequent agreement has meant that developers are searching for quality modules at a competitive price with the lower cost Chinese panels.  

Marc Ortmanns, head of European sales and marketing at WINAICO explained: “In the past we only used our WST-series for selected projects. In response to the current market situation, our customers need to be competitive for hard-fought price-sensitive projects, so it is now available for all large-scale systems.“

The WST-series is available in either 245W or 250W. The key difference to the manufacturer’s WSP series of modules is that the product only comes with a 10 year warranty.

“As all our module series, the WINAICO WST-series is produced on our own automated production line in Taiwan, which ensures the high quality our customers are used to“, added Marc Ortmanns.