Alan Scott, a gadget fan from Catcliffe South Yorkshire, has invested in his latest toy – a solar power plant for his semi-detached house.                

Alan, alongside his wife Andrea, decided to invest in solar panels as a long-term investment that would provide stable returns. The couple have also installed an energy monitor to help them keep track of how much electricity the system generates.

The couple paid £7,000 for the solar array to be fitted to their south facing roof by Greenbuy Energy. The company estimates that the system will generate an estimated £1,000 in saved electricity costs and feed-in tariff income.  

Alan said: “We thought a lot about where to spend our money and looked into this very carefully into all the costs. It made sense to invest the same amount as the price of a small, new car, in solar panels. But unlike a car, the panels won’t depreciate in value over time and will continue to save us money on our bills.”

Alan received an energy monitor with the solar panels which enables him to see how much he’s saving each day.

He said: “In summer the panels are making about £4 a day and in winter it’s about £2 a day – and it is satisfying to see the numbers adding up. For us, it’s an investment that makes sense.”

Russell Paul, Director of renewable energy firm Greenbuy Energy, based in Dinnington, Sheffield, said: “The cost of solar panels is falling dramatically, and tariffs remain competitive, so there’s never been a better time to make the first steps towards greater efficiency and lower household bills. The return on investment is now as good as its ever been.”