MCS certification gives customers assurances the PV modules are of a high quality. Image: Piqsels (NC).

YuanTech Solar, a newly established solar PV manufacturer based in China, has confirmed it has received Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certification granting greater access to the UK market.

Issued by the UK Microgeneration Product Planning Committee, the certification is a necessity to ensure low carbon technologies are of the highest standard for customers.

To gain certification, the product is assessed by a Certification Body to ensure that the product meets the technical product standard and that the production environment and processes meet MCS requirements. There is also a requirement to provide product testing results for assessment.

Gaining the certification is a boost to the Chinese developer with the company having been established in January 2022. It outlined plans to invest a total of 1.5 billion yuan (£180.42 million) to build a 5GW PV module production facility in Chuzhou, Anhui Province.

The firm also recently gained TÜV SÜD anti-PID certification with its products having showed “excellent anti-PID performance test conditions”.

YuanTech Solar develops a range of solar products including N-type TOPCon PV module which are loaded with M10 silicon wafers that utilise N-type TOPCon cell technology. This series has a module power range of between 410W to 575W.

These modules can additionally be utilised for household, industrial and commercial roof installations providing a flexible solution for various applications with the UK. YuanTech also provides large ground-mounted power stations.

The introduction of YuanTech could be a boost for the UK solar energy sector. In gaining further reputable PV module manufacturers could be crucial in driving competition within the UK PV sector whilst also spearheading innovation and technological advancements.

With the UK placing major emphasis on the scaling of the solar industry, YuanTech could be able to capitalise on this growing interest. Amid 2022’s summer of intense heatwaves, renewable technology provider Shawton Energy stated it had seen solar power enquiries rise ten-fold as energy prices continued to soar due to the ongoing energy crisis.