June 13, 2023
By John Lubbock
Journalist Andrew Neil weighed in on the UK’s solar output after the government ordered a coal-fired power plant to move to standby as energy demand soared in the summer heat. However, his pronouncements, based largely on a Telegraph article, lacked context and nuance. UK Editor John Lubbock explains why he is wrong about the UK solar sector.
June 7, 2023
By Guest author
YLEM head of solar Sophie Lamb writes about the ongoing skills gap in the UK renewable energy industry and what can be done to emulate the success of other European countries.
September 2, 2022
By Phil Thompson
Following comments made by both Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak that suggested they would look to hinder the rollout of solar in the UK, Balance Power’s Phil Thompson takes a look at the the motivation behind the candidates’ comments.
September 1, 2022
By James Page
Joju Solar’s head of engineering James Page takes a look at industry standards, and the key balance required to get them right.
May 30, 2022
By Solar Media Staff
Solar materials and component prices have stayed high longer than expected and developers are now starting to feel the pinch, the latest episode of the Solar Media Podcast has discussed.
September 2, 2021
By Ian Clover
Adaptable, affordable, and easily available, solar PV is altering the renewable energy landscape of the UK one panel at a time – and solar is still capable of doing so much more to galvanise the fight against climate change, writes Q CELLS’ Ian Clover.
July 9, 2019
By José Rojo Martín
Few could fault the government for rallying behind clean energy funding where others demur but are vague or localised measures enough for a world with 12 years left to limit global warming?
October 17, 2017
By Liam Stoker
Liam Stoker offers his opinion on a Clean Growth Strategy that embraced renewables and changed BEIS’ rhetoric for the better, but cast solar into the long grass once again.
October 2, 2017
By Ian Murray
Managing director of UK energy storage manufacturer Powerflow, Ian Murray, addresses some FAQs on what consumers should be asking about battery system before buying them for their houses.
May 17, 2017
By Ian Larive
When Theresa May announced there would be a general election on 8 June, you could forgive the public a weary sigh at the thought of a third trip to the ballot box in as many years. And you could forgive those of us in the battery storage sector for wondering whether an election campaign might slow the industry’s momentum.

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