Solar technology manufacturer Earthwise Products has signed a distribution deal which will seal Solarvis Energy stock the company’s SOLiC 200 immersion heater.

The SOLiC 200 uses excess solar energy generated by existing PV panels to provide hot water and has recently undergone a redesign. The heater is now available in a white enclosure and an “installer-friendly” fitting.

“Solarvis Energy is one of the leading solar PV wholesalers in the UK and by stocking the SOLiC 200 their customers will benefit from offering a reliable and robust product that’s easy to sell and easy to install,” said Iain McRitchie, managing director at Earthwise Products.

Solarvis becomes the latest distributor to stock the SOLiC 200 after the likes of Wagner Solar, Segen and Solfex took on the product in recent years.