Another 50MW BESS is set to go live in December. Image: EDF Renewables UK.
Another 50MW BESS is set to go live in December. Image: EDF Renewables UK.

Energy company EDF Renewables UK has announced that a 50MW battery energy storage system (BESS) has gone live in Sandwell.

Based in northwest Birmingham, the Bustlehome battery storage facility is connected to the transmission network via a local substation and will provide flexible energy to the grid, with 100MWh storage capacity to its 50MW output (2-hour duration).

Another 50MW BESS from EDF is set to go live in December 2023 in Coventry with the two set to combine to facilitate the upscaling of green transportation in the West Midlands. Rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure has been touted as a technology that could be integrated into the region by a private-wire network.

The private-wire network will be able to transmit large amounts of energy to areas in the northwest of Birmingham, supporting the introduction rapid EV charging. This in turn could support the region’s households by providing ample charging accessibility in addition to bus depots and commercial fleets.

Matthew Boulton, Director of Solar, Storage and Private Wire at EDF Renewables UK, said: “Battery storage is essential as we move away from fossil fuels so we are delighted to be bringing our Bustleholme facility online.

“As more of our lives are powered by electricity – from heating to cars – our energy system is changing, and batteries are an important part of the solution, helping to balance supply and demand as we bring more renewables onto the grid. Having more of our electricity generated renewably from homegrown sources will lead to lower bills and greater energy security.

“Together with our development of a battery facility in Coventry, it highlights the West Midlands as a leader in creating an energy system fit for the future.”

In late September, EDF opened public consultation on a 500MW solar project in Buckinghamshire being developed alongside PS Renewables.

EDF said that it is seeking feedback on its proposed layout designs, as well as the potential for using part of the site to host recreational activities and to add “landscape and ecological enhancements”.

The project is also expected to integrate BESS however the expected sizing or capacity of the system have not been disclosed.