Leading German project developer juwi, which announced its entry into the UK solar market in August this year, has named Birmingham as the location for its subsidiary “juwi Renewable Energies Ltd.” Over the next two years, juwi is expected to install over 60MW across the country, predominantly in the south.

The company will mainly develop photovoltaic projects independantly, covering the entire process from acquisition of suitable land to the completion of the power plant. juwi will also develop turnkey projects in which the company will act as the general contractor for the design, engineering and construction of ground mounted and rooftop solar installations.

“The UK currently provides excellent conditions for the solar industry; the country is becoming an attractive European market. We are happy that the United Kingdom jumps on the bandwagon on the way to renewable energies and a comprehensive restructuring of the energy supply. We want to contribute to a further acceleration of this train so that we reach 100 % renewable energies as soon as possible,” said Lars Falck, Head of juwi Solar and Managing Director of juwi UK. The management will be taken over by a British candidate within the next few months.

“If the conditions remain that positive, we will create a large number of sustainable jobs in the UK. At the moment, we plan to hire approximately 60 people until the end of 2012”, said Daniel Parsons, Business Development Manager juwi Solar.

“The feed-in tariff will contribute to a large extent to a security of energy supplies in the UK based on renewable energies,” says Amiram Roth-Deblon, Head of Business Development juwi Solar.

juwi did not comment on the recent news that large-scale solar installations in the UK may be under threat.