The 100% renewable energy supplier, Good Energy has today announced its intention to freeze its electricity prices until at least 2012. The company, which has not raised its prices since 2008, aims to make green energy more accessible to the masses through competitive pricing.

Juliet Davenport, Founder and CEO of Good Energy said, “I think that Good Energy is now a great alternative to the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers. Not only do we supply independently guaranteed 100% renewable electricity and industry-leading customer service, but we’re committed to making green power accessible for everyone.”

“I’m really pleased that our strategy to make green energy more competitive is delivering for our customers. We’ve been able to hold our prices partly due to improvements in our weather forecasting techniques enhancing our ability to trade renewable electricity more efficiently, and because of the investments we’ve made in developing new sources of green energy, such as our wind farm in Cornwall.

“Good Energy is proof that decentralised energy can provide the UK with resilience against price volatility caused by relying on energy imported from abroad.”

Just last week Good Energy signed a 100% renewable electricity supply contract with international clothing retailer SuperGroup which will see the company’s 72 retail stores and all UK warehouses and offices powered by renewable electricity.

Good Energy will increase its gas prices by 9.4%, effective from September 6th 2011.