There is no question about it; solar technology is a key force in combatting the energy crisis not just here in the UK but globally. It’s therefore a great time to be in the industry, as everyone comes together to unite towards one common goal.

Events such as SEUK and the Solar Power Portal Awards reflect this; aiming to create a marker of the brightest and best that UK solar has to offer. Focusing on all areas of the solar industry, the awards in particular act as a catalyst to show higher visibility within the industry and ultimately acknowledge the great work that has been achieved to reduce use of fossil fuels and increase use of green renewables.

In addition to this, such events allow us to again get together and recognise the growing maturity in the solar industry, while celebrating those who have helped the UK offer develop into the largest in Europe.

Plus, asides from allowing the industry to get together and recognise great work, exhibitions also offer the chance to build relationships with people that you may not otherwise have met, such as manufacturers, distributers and installers. And with every new relationship comes the possibility of referrals and new business.

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