New permitted development rights announced by DECC will prompt a surge of interest in commercial rooftop sites for PV. Surveying the urban landscape from one of our office windows recently, it was pretty obvious that there are still a huge number of businesses that could unlock the huge PV potential of their roofs, and with many obstacles now removed, PV generation will become a reality for more of those with the ‘right roof’.

The announcement is just part of the government’s move to support growth in the economy and will make it easier for businesses to make best use of their premises, including the installation of solar panels. A new permitted development right which will apply to the installation, alteration or replacement of PV on the roofs of non-domestic buildings, up to a capacity of 1 Megawatt (subject to certain limitations) will enable greater use of non-domestic properties to provide renewable energy.

Governmental-led initiatives also include the recent introduction of ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) which will force the hand of companies towards implementing energy efficient measures.  Qualifying companies must now identify and report on areas where energy savings can be made, and even record their energy wastage, with financial penalties for non-compliance, so joining forces with solar companies to analyse potential savings to be made from an under-utilised roof is a natural progression as the market matures.

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