This article was co-written by Dr. Kevin Hard, Managing Director of EvoEnergy and Tom Craig, Solar PV Specialist, also at EvoEnergy.

EvoEnergy prides itself on being in tune with the market and informing our customers of any market changes and opportunities that we see or think might happen.  We believe and trust the technology; on top of this the new Feed-in Tariff (FIT) incentive has made investing in Solar PV a sound financial investment.   

The recent press coverage of ‘solar for free’ has driven interest in the concept through the roof, and subsequently this has led to floods of enquiries to us.  The idea of free solar may sound great, but is this the right way to go?  Should you leave your own money in the bank and get solar for free, or should you stump up yourself with the aim of keeping the FIT money? Or should you finance your purchase with money from the bank?